About us

Diamond-Free Oscars is a global community of concerned individuals working to break the link between the diamond industry and serious human rights violations including war crimes, crimes against humanity, apartheid, corruption and the proliferation of unregulated nuclear weapons.

For too long vested interests have held the jewellery industry hostage to protect themselves from sanctions and have blocked attempts to end the trade in diamonds linked to human rights violations by government forces.

The diamond industry has created a matrix of bogus standards, certification schemes and warranties that deceive consumers and facilitate the fully legal trade in certain blood diamonds while banning “conflict diamonds” – diamonds that fund violence by rebel groups.

We aim to inform and educate consumers about this international scam which gives cut and polished blood diamonds unhindered access to the global market where they account for some 20 percent of the market share in value terms.

Contact us at: diamondfreeoscars [at] gmail [dot] com



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